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Solar & Wind Power

The only good thing about a battery is a solar panel. Let's face it. Batteries leave a lot to be desired. We can get you a $75,000 solid-state battery if you want. But solar is man's best friend. Solar panel arrays are easy on a home or in a field. For a boat, you need us. Structural demands are great.

We have built solar arrays that were so big I thought the boat would fly away in a storm. 12, 24, 48, 144v, 400v, 800v all voltages used in solar power production. Putting panels in series will get you up to any voltage and in parallel will get you up to Amp levels. However, any DC voltage over 48vdc gets serious. You do not want to get shocked by DC current. Oh heck no. A real pro is required. Anything above 120vdc should have a real electrical engineer involved.

I AM ONE. ONE SOLAR PANEL Just 1 panel can change a boats life. Watch that generator fuel consumption go way down when you add solar and wind.

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