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Greg Moore has completed, sold, repaired, and installed or swapped out radar systems on navy ships, sailboats, Catalinas, catamarans, charters, sport boats, arches, yachts, work boats, fishing boats, tenders, research vessels, and even a container ship. His expertise and ability have evolved for over four decades of at-sea and onshore operations.

You’ll be one happy boater and feel like a kid again with your new radar. Radar is the cornerstone of a sea-going boater’s enjoyment.

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Too busy to join the Navy? Let us help. If you missed your naval bridge watch training, don’t worry, we have an easy shortcut for you.

Today’s radars are four times better than those of the mid-2000s and offer 10 times better integration with charts. Their displays are so intuitive and intelligent that they reach out and grab your finger to steer you through easy touchscreen popup menus. After 15 minutes of playing with your new radar system with no help, you’ll start to get the hang of your new powerful system.

Here’s the bottom line for your new radar system: Go with X-band and the largest open antenna. A dome-style antenna is good when a rotating antenna could catch on a sail, or your area for the antenna is small. If this is not the case, get the widest and most powerful antenna you can afford. Good-size radars are 24v minimum.

S-band radar is better when sailing the high seas because the waveforms aren’t as affected by standing water or blowing rain. Big yachts and ships use both bands at the same time.

When it comes to your radar display, you can choose a small standalone display. Alternatively, you can cut a good-sized hole and start to integrate glass screen bridges. These setups offer two computers in each display, which can collectively do the work of many machines. A glass screen bridge display can use and incorporate all multiple networks into one, offering opportunities for endless integration and easy thumb drive updates to the OS system.

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