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San Diego Boat Electric’s founder, Greg Moore, entered naval sonar school in 1977. The navy invested $300,000 in training him in Sonar repair and operation, so you and Furuno wouldn't have to.

Greg's first sonar system was a 250,000-watt unit. It had its own dedicated diesel motor generator and 53 cabinets of circuit boards, each the size of a refrigerator. The transducer inside the rubber bulbous bow was 22 feet in diameter and 10 feet high. It could be filled with air, making it easy to purge the water out for maintenance.

Since the 1980s, as a civilian and as a very young tech for the late Fred Ducket's commercial boat (called Temptation), Greg's helped hundreds of full sector scan users maintain, replace, or improve their sonar sector or Omni directional units.

Greg’s sonar work is featured in the following vessels:

  • Bernie FV boat Cimmaron
  • Rick Bergs MV Jalapenos
  • NOAA RV Okeanas

Now, Greg wants to help you get a 360-degree view so you can find, chase, and capture more fish.

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Our favorite sonar system is obviously the 2023 NMEA award-winning Furuno Omni sonar. It’s been used in commercial fishing operations around the globe since 1970. This is an advanced sonar device your boat can employ to help you catch fish on working fisheries boats and sport fishing battlewagons.

Greg encourages you to demand the best when looking for a sonar device to make you more efficient and productive at finding and staying on the fish. Here, we’ll guide your installation every step of the way with a hull technician, electrician, electronics tech, and engineer, all contributing to its long use and success.

Rest assured that we perform every form of boat protection to ensure the highest conformance to your goals. A sonars wires goes from top to bottom. To get some help, reach out to (619) 218-1018. DiYers , call to learn more about installing Omni sonar products on commercial and private fishing vessels.

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