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Since 1988, San Diego Boat Electric (SDBE) and Greg Moore have specialized in designing and servicing yacht and sailboat lighting circuits.

We’re certified to install, repair, and maintain the following boat lighting components:

  • Modern dimmers
  • Zone modules
  • Auto-dimming
  • Backlighting
  • Bioluminescent panel lighting
  • Night lighting
  • Night vision
  • Infrared cameras

All of the above represents routine work, but when coupled with our boatyard to support the fabrication of valence, headliners, supports, custom lighting channels, and underwater lights, we have your needs covered 100 percent.

Are you using incandescent, LED, halogen, HID, fluorescent, or ballast lights? We’ll fix them for you.

Today, we use a lot of LED lighting, which requires special dimmers that are low in electronic noise and spurious emissions. These dimmers reduce hum and interference with RF Sat and GPS signals.

We also install entirely new overhead lighting systems when your project requires it. We’ve published videos of us doing this work. Our videos are beautiful examples of the quality of our craftsmanship and the performance of the products we stand behind.

Look to us for the safe design and fabrication of any lighting enclosure, including:

  • Teak wood valences
  • Custom framework lighting
  • Night lighting
  • Deck lights
  • Other enclosure types

You’ll be thrilled to know we complete all custom work in-house. Brand names like Imtra and Lumitech are just a few suppliers who sell directly to us. This is our secret to offering you great prices on your gear and excellent value for our service.

We take your safety and night vision ability seriously. Our technicians can make every light in your boat turn red at the flip of a switch, giving you the night lighting you need, even inside your boat’s appliances.

Real engineers don't play games. With us, you can expect top-notch work from a small mom-and-pop shop, working on one boat at a time. When our work is finished, you can look forward to a clean, tidy vessel with working lighting systems ready to take you wherever you decide to chart your next course.

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