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When you’re an engineer after years of being a technician, you know a lot about anything electrical. Maritime electricians don’t require licensing like their onshore counterparts, but that doesn’t stop us from knowing what we’re doing.

We can work with your land-based radar system, do your entry and access systems, and set up cameras and security systems—our expertise is unlimited. A vessel contains an entire city of bells and whistles. Often, the high-tech features start at sea. By the time land users want tech, we’ve already mastered it.

We’ve been building yachts in our boatyard for 25 years, mastering the dozen industrial trades required to construct a vessel. Our experience and the level of fabrication we can do to support our electronics and their applications are unmatched.

Marine environments are tough, but our electronics are tougher. To give you an example, we’ve installed microphone cables at the bottom of SeaWorld’s aquatic areas, and after 30 years of dolphins chewing on our cables, they still carry high-quality audio and video signals.

Find the electronics tech with the best equipment here, now. If you need a real electrical engineer, you’ve found one.

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