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Greg's photos show he has been fishing from SoCal to Cabo for four decades in both large and small boats. Very few know more than Greg about the special electrical and electronic needs of fisherman and their boats. When you’re out on the water, your very life depends on SDBE's work ethics and morals. We’re 100% guaranteed not to gun-deck your work request, and we’ll complete it right down to the darkest, furthest corners of your hull. We work on each boat like our most beloved mother’s life is at stake. What we do matters even when you can't see or touch it. Greg also knows your bait’s plumbing needs and pump selections.

Rest assured, when we design a boat from scratch, we build for the weakest person on the unluckiest day.

Greg has over 55,000 at-sea miles in his naval and civilian career, and he takes his work very seriously. He’s been known to yell at his techs, like Chef Ramsey, when he inspects their work. Nothing gets by his inspection. He is verifying you’re really ready to go.

To get away from boats but still be on the water, Greg has jet-skied almost all of North America's waterways. These include really sketchy areas like Deception Pass, Dutch Harbor, 65 miles up, yes, up, the rapids in Grand Canyon, Miami to Mazatlán, Cabo Golden Gate Bank, Magdalena Bay, and more. Seriously, friends, if you're floating on anything out there, Greg knows it's scary for you.

Electricity floats boats; we know it, and you know it. Let's start making your boat bug-free today. Get the boat fishing gremlins gone forever with our help.

We can install a number of fishing systems on your boat, including:

  • Sea surface temp
  • Water temp
  • Bait flow alarms
  • Better bait and deck lighting
  • Flood lighting
  • Squid light
  • Cockpit lighting

Get some now.

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