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Engine controls, alarms, sensors, chargers, batteries, shifters, transmissions, throttles, fuel level, and safety systems are a lot to worry about, and having the wrong person working on any of these engine elements can quickly set you back—maybe way back.

Over the years, and out of necessity, our founder was forced to complete over 30 major marine engine overhaul projects. This happened because all his long-time pro machine shops, the ones he used for decades, lost their principals due to aging or unskilled help.

They dropped his engine stuff right back in his lap, sometimes after stalling for perhaps a year or more. These were "Big Name" marine engine companies, ones you know or may have heard of. These heartaches forced Greg to survive on his own if he wanted to get his owner's boats back on the water.

Greg built an unshakable inventory of confidence by rebuilding a couple dozens of big marine engines. Cummins, MTU, Man. He also helped our team accumulate the correct tools for those big jobs until we started to find it easier and easier to complete these engine overhauls ourselves. Since then, we’ve built very specialized and clean areas with a dedicated room in our yard to do your rebuild or help you do it.

The heavy lifting and loading equipment we have helps handle huge motors up to 25 ton with C lifts.

We’re equipped to install the following:

  • Turbos
  • Injection pumps
  • Exhaust
  • Plumbing
  • Drive lines
  • Engine mounts
  • Shaft corrosion prevent

After decades of providing service, we know the engine sector inside and out. From Ft Lauderdale to Seattle to Cabo, all boats must move. Let us be your boats engine repair specialists. Let's talk.

DIY? We can help YOU ensure your engine work is done and dialed in correctly the first time. In our boatyard, we have the tools, heavy equipment, know-how, and liability insurance to rectify any engine job that we do orcstand behind our advice. We’ll teach you how to do the work yourself, or we can focus on just the electrics and electronics. 100% in no way does any engine shop of anyvsize bring wiring details together like us. These engines wiring and harnesses we make custom. Nothing electric or software in any engine anywhere, intimidates us. If it's not simple, we work harder and longer until we solve it.

There are three boatyards here in Chula Vista and four in Baja that would still love to work with SDBE and Greg Moore; Driscols, not so much. We paid them for 15 years to use their yard. We dared call ourself a boatyard, I guess.

In the past, we also partnered with:

  • Safe Harbor with Scott/Wayne
  • KOHLER Kraft with CF
  • Marine Group for Todd Roberts
  • Ari's Cabo San Lucas boatyard
  • Dominic's Ensenada yard
  • Newport beach shipyard.
  • Neilson Beaumont Jay and Don

Those are all extremely good yards that we can collaborate with to help you complete even the biggest engine work jobs. Greg's been involved with a 7000hp Allison gas turbine too.

Greg Moore does all your engineering and drawings, right down to the smallest electron. MTU WIRING? Easy.

His experience covers work that meets the highest industry standards, including:

  • ABS Inspectors
  • LOYDS insurance surveyors

Bring whatever standards you need. We’ll draw up plans to meet any of these rigorous criteria. We can show them all the safety systems they cpukd ever love.

Here are some examples of what our engine room expertise covers:

  • Service or design
  • Fossil fuel or green
  • Motors and windlass systems
  • All systems monitoring
  • Start-stops
  • Forward and reverse shifters
  • Fuel flow
  • Oil changers
  • Lighting arresting
  • Alarms
  • Gauges
  • PLCs
  • Watermakers
  • Fire and ventilation.

We’re also your go-to source for:

  • Engine room plumbing
  • Engine room systems layout
  • 2D or 3D space planning
  • Fuel and hose design

Let San Diego Boat Electric create a turnkey, bug-free engine room with reliable systems. Power your journey.

"Our goodies aren’t cheap, but you’ll long forget the cost when you reliably use our work to conquer your waterways" -Greg Moore.

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