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All the vessels pictured below were designed by Greg Moore in the 1980s when he worked full-time in engineering only. Now, decades later, the designs and drawings contain a lifetime’s worth of additional knowledge and accuracy within the designs.

At age 28, fresh out of school and the Navy, Greg designed 100% of the custom yacht electrical systems you see below. They all have gone cruising across the globe and are still active 40 years later. However, Greg admits after spending 4 years everyday designing a better electrical system, he was learning on the job. He could do the same work 5x as good now after working hands on instead of just book smart.

Let's design all your systems, your engine room, your lighting, your navigation, your interior design, your paint and glass layup scheme, you name it, any boat builder in any country would love to have a built I'm SDBE. Now your boat can get same attention.

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