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Coming to your boat to provide repairs is a very specialized service. Everything about going to your marina to fix something is an uphill battle.

There are a number of obstacles we face when we have to go to a marina for a repair, including:

  1. We have insured all marinas since 1986, but many still treat us like an unwanted guest. It takes time to get a key, turn it back in, and transport all the tools and parts to your boat.
  2. Some jobs just need one toolbox, but most of our work requires two full loading dock dollies full of tools, fasteners, connectors, and boat protection covers. At low tide it’s extremely difficult to pull tools up a dock ramp.
  3. We might not know your boat, and every boat has a unique personality or something that's broken or is ready to break. Technicians who have lasted as long as Greg won't break your boat, but we often find damage that's already there. We’ll text you reports anytime we come across pre-existing damage, which include our suggestions for repair.
  4. Everyone hates paying the bill. It will eat up half the day for us to come to your boat, so it will cost you far less if you have a lot of work to do all at once. We work as hard as we can and as smart as we can, but in a week’s time you could easily owe over $5,000. If you were on board to see the work we do, you would understand, but when you don't see the effort, the hours translate to big money, and it's vital you understand where that time went.
  5. $3 PER MINUTE IS OUR 2024 SERVICE RATE. $500 IS THE MINIMUM FEE TO VISIT A BOAT, AND AFTER 3 HOURS, IT’S $180/HR. We pay that much anytime we need professional talent. Please, allow the tech to explain the bill. It won’t help to start a fight at the end of a job because you don't want to pay. There are very few people with the skills you need to make sure your boat is in proper working order.
  6. Most repair jobs are too complex for us to offer a fixed-price bid. It will take an unpredictable amount of time and materials to discover the issues and make the necessary repairs. When we are about halfway completed, the total cost will become more predictable.
  7. For best results, give the tech your marina key and boat key. Please MEET the tech on the boat, and don't be late or miss the appointment. Please discuss the entire job and your expectations. We have almost zero problems when we work directly for the boat owner, and we’re able to communicate with them when needed.
  8. Scheduling and promptness are hard for boat owners and techs when a boat is at the end of a dock. Please allow up to an hour for late arrivals to the boat.
  9. If it’s a multi-day job, picking up tools at the end of the day and packing job boxes every night can cost you $100 a day extra. Please let technicians know if they have a spot to leave tools and job boxes on the boat over night.
  10. Live aboards: it’s ok, we’ll help you but we cannot take orders from more than one boat owner. Married boat owners must designate only one owner to communicate all the decisions. You won't get all your space if we’re working and our presence, while needed, can make your space cramped and uncomfortable. We know it can be inconvenient and unenjoyable, but, like going to the dentist to have a cavity filled, it needs to be done for the pain to stop.

From your tech:

Mr. Greg Moore BSEE/M.E. est 1986 after naval service.

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