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Batteries 2024

We do good old lead acid batteries all day, every day. They give you your 3 yrs. of declining health and you throw new in. Simple and done. End of story! Or is it? Thankfully your future of marine batteries looks incredibly promising, with advancements ready to revolutionize your boating experience. Innovations in lithium-ion, integration of renewable energy sources, and the development of smart battery management systems, solid state batteries, all are happening right now in Chula Vista harbor. A new era of battery efficiency, sustainability, and reliability are here both in light and heavy marine power sources.

If you made it this far, you’re obviously very into boating. No batteries, no boating, vacation over. PWC, Small boats, sailboats and ships, all have them. Boaters were first. Our first E conversion goes back to 1994. Yes, yachting and marine exploration were the first to try these advancements. Each decade proved to deliver not just enhanced performance but today's batteries can also add a significant upside to environmental conservation.

As we sail into this exciting future, it becomes clear to SDBE and soon the world that there will always be a new advancements in all marine batteries. Every decade a new technology attracts a new BATTERY distributor who is eager to sell a lot of product and they don't mind handling very heavy batteries. Each decade played a pivotal role in shaping the next generation. Battery advancements are making our journeys safer, longer, and more enjoyable. The horizon is bright, and with these cutting-edge technologies, the possibilities are as-vast as, the oceans themselves. Every boat is a prototype, dream it, we will build it.

While technology and environmental considerations are crucial, cost remains a key factor in the adoption of new marine battery technologies. Affordability played a significant role in each advancement and determining how quickly these new technologies gain widespread acceptance, starts in your marina.

Greg says "The first few years of Loran C they cost 30 grand, 1st 10 years of GPS they cost $20k but, those who needed them didn't flinch". You know as things scale up in production, costs come down. But will you live long enough to enjoy the party? Be the first on your block.


The integration of marine batteries with renewable energy sources like solar and wind power are not a new development for boaters. You've been at it since the 80s. These approaches not only reduce reliance on traditional fuel sources but also enhance the sustainability of marine operations. They are not easily added to a boat but it’s the gift that keeps on giving.


The advent of smart battery management systems is another leap forward. These systems optimize battery performance, extend lifespan, and ensure charging safety, providing users with real-time data and insights into their battery's health and efficiency.


Rapid advancements in charging technologies are also noteworthy. Faster, more efficient charging solutions are on the horizon, reducing downtime and making marine travel more convenient and time efficient. Shoreline charging systems are our backbone of our services since 1986.

Soon you and I will see battery chargers left on the docks, generators with only DC inverters on them, 800-volt DC systems and each marina dock may produce all their power needs when dock power fails. The electric outboards, the stern drives, the sail drives all already being installed. Next the hydrogen engine, next the atom engine. You don't have time for all that waiting.

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Credits: Bioenno Tech LLC for certain references

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