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Starting back when we repaired tons of Benmar hunting relay autopilots, the Robertson autopilots hit the scene with a new term called “algorithms” that could adapt your pilot steering to your boat automatically. Today, the award winning autopilot to own is the Furuno. Hands down, my favorite by far. It has every upside, a clear winner for you as a cruiser or sport fisher.

Autopilot experts can't do whatvwe can, no way. We know the black magic of hydraulic steering design and repair. A pilot won't work on poor steering design. Just getting any auto pilot is great. We have three autopilots on some of the boats.

Hydraulic steering, mechanical, cable, quadrant, cylinder, outboard, and inboard—we can auto steer any boat.

Yes, we said even yours.

The bigger the autosteering challenge, the more you need us!

There isn't much competition for the type of component-level repair we do.

Here are just a few we commonly repair:

  • Sperry's
  • Wesmar
  • Encrons
  • Denmark
  • Cetrek
  • Robertson
  • Simrad
  • Navico
  • Raymarine
  • WH pilot
  • Comnav
  • Garmin
  • Wh pilot
  • Woodfreeman
  • Navico

We have fixed them all and heard every complaint for 4 decades about a boater losing their steering and how important it is.

Not fun hand steering is it?

Rudders, rudder post, rudder feedback senders, remotes, nmea 2000, point to steer, you name it, we can make your boat steer better than you can.

That's a promise.

Lastly, every pilot should use a sat compass. They are amazing. Furuno’s sat compass is basically a $60,000 gyroscope for $2000. Plus, it talks to your fishfinder, correcting for wave height, pitch, roll, and yaw. Gives me goose bumps thinking about how much better it is over a magnetic compass.

3 autopilot sales outfits in town are owned by guys who Greg trained or showed them their 1st boat and then let them go for good reason. You can't just sell new everytime. You have to fix something. You can't underbid job then slam in into boat with little offshore awareness. Get your new autopilot here. Delivered every Tuesday and Thursday.

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