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The first custom alarm system Greg designed was for the vessel Dulcinea for Bill Johnson of Johnson Tractor, the Orange County Cat dealer. 50 monitoring points, silence buttons, lights staying on until the alarm is gone, event recorders, etc.

We have also added security systems, which aren't easy on a boat.

Bilge Monitors

You want a high-water bilge alarm in at least two places on a boat. You need visual indications at the helm, and many now have been displayed throughout the boat to monitor every motion.

Custom Panel Design

Greg has over 40 years of turning out beautiful alarm panel interfaces. Greg has also done many analog alarm systems with gauges or Murphy switches, and when new digital engines go in, they convert the human interface displays and make the entire ship state of the art.

Alarm Types

  • Corrosion
  • High water
  • Low bait flow
  • Low voltage
  • Tank level
  • Ground fault
  • Fire
  • Smoke
  • High DVT sensors
  • Radar
  • Anchor watch
  • Helm alerts
  • …it's all integrated by us if you desire the old ai.

Pony up the startup and Greg will make you a phone app that is your AI brain reminding you and showing you how to do everything on the boat, when to do it and handle all the what if scenario just from your voice talking at helm.

Let's make it and have it to market in one year—easy!

Seed the first custom AI copilot.

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