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A Tradition of Excellence Starts Early

At 17, a naval enlistment began in Naples florida as he worked as a dishwasher for the Naples yacht club. He watched a few to many Jacque Cousteau episodes land locked in Indiana. So he built a hut out of palm frowns and vines in the everglades and walked to work. That enlistment brought Greg to Pt. Loma's Anti-Submarine Warfares naval training base, right next to Shelter Island. This rigorous electronics program prepared him so well that he could ace the exams on the first day of his Electronics University classes. While he spent a year working at Sea World under Gene Carney's perfectionist training entertainment systems training, he went on to earn a BSEE (Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering equivalent). After that fun but intense sea world job he landed a research associates engineer position at Square D's newest high-power inverter division.

Millions in Test Equipment at His Disposal

At Square D, Greg had access to top-of-the-line test equipment, valued in the millions. He worked to do prototyping to prove concepts so the production lines could learn to manufacture. This level of electronics merged with electrical power accelerated his knowledge of high-power and high-current systems controlled by small 5v to zero volt digital data. This experience laid the foundation for his opportunity to get a deep understanding of today's complex marine electrical systems.

Cutting-Edge Experience in 1986

By 1986, Greg was already working at the forefront of electrical engineering. He even brought his portable Kaypro 8-bit laptop to work, a rarity at the time. His responsibilities included multi-million dollar UL inspections, where he conducted rigorous safety testing, including destructive and flammability tests. These experiences gave Greg a deep understanding of the potential dangers of electrical systems. In fact, Greg himself learned this first hand when he was once shocked by 480-volt AC and was knocked all the way across the room. This real-world experience fuels his commitment to ensuring your boat's electrical system is safe and reliable.

Marine Electronics, back to Navy

Our first company, Power and Wind Marine Electronics, was founded in 1984 and located within the Shelter Island Boatyard. He started by selling and installing top-of-the-line marine electronics and systems. SDBE still holds our Furuno dealership today.

A Pivotal Shift

Greg rather unwillingly decided to sell his shares in Power and Wind to his Navy partners, Leonard Pool and Steve Wild. This move allowed him to pursue a new opportunity with the highly talented John Knight, who was building custom yachts. This shift happened when Pool married into a financially supportive family headed up by Clay and Shelly Darrow, allowing them to buy Greg's shares. John Knight seemed to want to be the best at yacht building so at age 28, he joined Knight's yacht-building team for the next 12 yacht builds. Incredible yachts everyone knows.

From Electronics to Full-Fledged Yacht Design

By the age of 29, Greg was already designing 100% of the electrical and electronic systems for these K&C custom yachts. His expertise expanded beyond just marine electrical systems - he began designing parts of the engine rooms, piping, propulsion systems and some structural as well. After 42 years in the industry, Greg has gone from a marine electronics specialist to a well-rounded yacht designer and hands on boat and engine builder. He's not pretending anymore—yacht building is his true passion, hes practicing today at it.

The 1990s Challenge

The luxury tax on yachts in the 1990s significantly impacted the industry, putting pressure on Greg's employer. As a top earner, close to owners Greg decided to ease their financial burden and he opened Seapower Engineering during the toughest times ever.

Helping Knight and Carver Yachts

Before leaving, Greg ensured a smooth transition for Knight and Carvers Yachts' electrical department. He implemented modern techniques and left them with a highly qualified department head Greg recruited from Power and Wind named Jim Garcia who kept things running. John didn't like that Greg went back to Shelter Island boat yard and advertised them but it had to be done.

Seapower Engineering Takes Off

Back at Shelter Island Boatyard (now Safe Harbor), Greg restarted his 2nd business, this time focusing on retail install sales. Seapower Engineering expanded beyond just marine electronics to include engines, generators, stabilizers, and more mechanical installations.

Leadership and Accomplishments

Greg's skills and dedication were 1st recognized when he was elected as the regional director for the National Marine Electronics Association in 1998. He also was leading a large team of over 2 dozen of his marine technicians. Greg's team successfully completed over 30,000 marine service and sales orders in boatyards and dockside by 2008

Adapting to Challenges

After boating was hit with a few category 5 economic storms, the high triple net rent of Shelter Island became too much to pass onto boaters so we took our program mobile, spentb15 years in mission bay driscols DIY section, outgrew it, bought a 2-acre industrial boat yard in Otay. There are not any overhead power wires so big boats are easily trucked to their inland yard. Greg's specialty fabrication areas can have heavy marine work take place and be zoned for it.

A Legacy of Excellence

After a long tradition of naval work, Greg Moore became a Navy prime contractor successfully completing all his government contracts. Security and financial solvency are some of the top award factors for being a prime contractor. You won't get a helper that's underfunded.

Back to Our Roots

While we continue to uphold the standards of naval boat excellence, we are rebranding and pivoting back to our core maritime specialty which is electricity and tronics. We may say yes to some boat building type jobs or engine rebuilds but can no longer try to do everything. Once we go back dockside, WE MUST tool up and do everything differently. It's very tough to get anything done dockside. Takes a real pro, the docks ask us all the time to help, now or soon, we will be at your boat again.

Quality You Can Trust

While much has changed about vessels, marinas and our planet over the years, our quality control remains constant. By leveraging our expertise in 15 boat building trades, we aim to provide exceptional repairs that ensure your boat can navigate the ever-evolving waterways for years to come.

Unparalleled Expertise

25 years of hands-on yacht building will let our services shine and far surpass your next best 10 options, that's a fact. We have very little competition in full completed operational readiness and strive to keep every marina or yacht club policy.

Safety and Aesthetics

We are committed to meeting the highest maritime safety standards and deliver the highest cosmetic standards anywhere in SD county.

Staying at the Forefront

Greg attends all the leading boat shows like METS, IBEX, FLIBS, and more, every year. These events allow him to network directly with the manufacturers who build your boat system’s OEM, the guys who know everything. Greg speaks to their top engineers in their language, ensuring clear communication back to you. You get access to the most up-to-date technical information and application notes.

While translating for your boat’s very lonely and often ignored voice, YOU will finally be able to talk to your boat like it's your family.

Major shows like Mets, Ibex, Flibs, Marine Hybrid, Work Boat show, Annapolis sail show—these shows provide invaluable annual education, complemented by regular professional development programs with NMEA, Cummins and Furuno. We integrate this knowledge into our daily operations and coach boaters for free when they call and ask what to do.

"Working hard and getting dirty, it IS GOOD FOR YOU. People die young working in an office. Get a boat, work on it, for the love of yourself and the journey. " else call me.

A Passion for Excellence Since 1976

Since 1976, Greg Moore’s reputation is still great and he didn’t just stay on easy street at the peak of his electrical career—he set his sights on becoming a real yacht builder. Now in every sense of the word "yacht builder", Greg has mastered every trade secret and technique and after he wrote the book on trons, that makes him able to handle your entire vessel.


When Greg bought his 1st saw, the carpenters hated him, when he bought a metal shop the metal guys hated him. When he painted 35 boats for the navy and became a top marine painter, every painter except Miguel Hernandez hated him and many tried sabotaging his paint and work. When Greg bought his first large diesel engine shop, the engine shop owners cried foul. When he put in his first over head liner and sewed his first 50 cushions, a few upholsters started to whine, we are alone and survive to be 1 source of accountability. That's polarizing to other trades but true to his clients needs.

Building a Smarter Boatyard

When Greg had the nerve to call himself a boatyard after 13 years inside Driscols’ Mission Bays do it yourself section, (Joe Driscols made 100s of thousands off us) But Tom Driscol isn’t exactly rolling out the welcome mat. No problem with the other yards. Three other small Shelter Island business owners whom Greg hired trained and let go (years ago) now mimic Greg's old obsolete business models. They still exist in the high rent space paying as much for 300 Sq ft office as we pay for 2 acres of zoned heavy-industrial land. You don't need their middle management and overhead. We, on the other hand, believe in a smarter approach. Our spacious yard and large service truck allows us to be a one-stop shop for everything your boat needs that you cant do yourself. Without the outrageous price tag.

A Master of Many Trades

Greg knows paint like Miguel Hernadez, He knows engines better than some of their factory reps. Greg has finally after 25 years mastered wood shaping and wood and hull surface coating. Greg's molds are now fast and spit out of a 3D printer. His steel is water jet or laser cut now. His marine window glass work has had to fit just about any shape and he has a direct relationship with socals largest glass manufacture.

Where else can you get this experience?

The hydraulics and plumbing together with systems both mechanical and your household comfort systems like HVAC and appliances are unparalleled. Tooks years to learn plumbing and fittings.

No one in town can design a better engine room or flybridge. Greg’s team have been forced in the past to do a couple full interior designs. They look award winning with latest fabrics and seams. Hull tech work, hundreds of windlass installs, davits, thrusters, stabilizer repair, old gyros and auto pilots and Gregs a great transducer selection expert. Not easy getting right ducer.

Where else can you find?

Our clients have come to expect the very best from us, and we think you should be able to as well.

At time of this printing Gregs team is single handedly finishing a total strip to hull restoration of a Mikelson 60ft in his boatyard that has been crafted into much better-than-new and you can come aboard right now inside his yard and see the work up close.

Hurry, will launch late summer 2024.


Diligence, persistence, and the highest standards for professional work ethic.

Greg isn't just another service provider – he's a leader in the field. Years of unwavering diligence and persistence have honed his skills, and his professional work ethic sets the bar high. He is not worried about you finding better help or a better solution. If there’s a better choice, Greg will be the first to let you know where to find it.

After hours, liberty time.

Greg brings the same dedication and enthusiasm to his personal life as he does to his work. An avid outdoorsman, he enjoys activities like surfing, jet skiing, marlin fishing, beach volleyball, snow skiing, and heli-skiing in Alaska. He's also a music lover and never misses a great concert which is next door to his yard —including his favorite relaxation, watching women’s volleyball on the beach, right in front of his Mission Beach home.

He is a family man, raised a son and has two great grandkids. So many things make Greg’s life as fun as his work life. His work and play life are a dream life compared to his Indiana parents. Because of his hard work and an education that took a lifetime, his motto “work hard and long, then play harder”. It’s those qualities that make him fun and interesting.

Honesty and Integrity

Honesty and integrity define our business model. Add up all of yachting and throw the navy in there too and boating is still a very small club, not a big industry. Only silly salespeople (who have never built a boat or worked hands-on daily) would ever call this club-an industry. As a service provider we met most of the marine principals across the country and they are mostly mom-and-pop sized businesses.

Everything that we do, we do it with pride, passion, and the utmost care. We know our clients have come to appreciate our no-nonsense, unbiased professional opinion. Rest assured when you work with us, you’ll get to appreciate your decision to retain SDBE or let us in your marina or boat yard. Please remember, every boat is still a prototype, individual skill is required. Unlike other transportation sectors, boats are experiments, without any real symmetry and very hard to make like new again. Anyone can tear it apart.

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Oh, I almost forgot the most important thing. We try and protect your boat with coverings. Thats 2x-3x more than the next best will do. It's hard to get all that protection out onto the docks but it keeps your boat mint clean. We seek boats that want it done right.

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