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San Diego Boat Electric est 1986

First-Rate Service

We combine long-standing expertise with the highest standards in modern boat use. When you enlist our services, you’ll experience nothing but our steadfast commitment to your boat's operational needs. We promise clear and effective communication with you about details and cost. Whatever we find, you'll get a text and live photos sent to you asap. When you have a question for us or a concern you’d like to address, you can count on us to give you the attention you deserve.

If you have yet to experience 45+ years of pro boat and yacht building experience supporting and backing up your boat's technician, then you’re in for a real treat. Structural adaptation using our wood, metal, paint, and sewing shops. That isn't found anywhere else with this level of wires and electronics.

We have a 2 acre heavy marine industrial zoned yard, 100,000 pounds of tools for price of 400sqft office on waterfront. There aren't any overhead wires anywhere in otay. Big boats save alot by coming on our boat movers truck. Projects that are expected to last 6 months or more will benefit greatly.

No low-ball bids—you get the most experienced conversations upfront, without any bull, hype or puffery!


Your Satisfaction, Our Guarantee

We know the value of our services and we think you do too. They often say around the yard, "Greg, they don’t make men like you anymore." He's not just experienced, he's passionate about staying on top of his game. Takes dedication to his physical fitness to also translate into the agility and stamina needed to tackle any of your boats problems efficiently. Not ready to slow down his full-time daily work grinds.

Get a job done right, the first time. Spend less time worrying and more time enjoying the water. Commercial Captains and Engineers, I can help you too. It's OK, your not supposed to know this stuff like us. We can make you better.

When we leave your boat, we leave knowing that we’ve done our very best. In the rare instance we somehow fall short of your expectations, then Greg wants to do everything he can to fix your boat’s issue/s.

Greg goes beyond the surface to the component of the entire yacht during its build. While brokers and surveyors play a valuable role, Greg's background in boat building and engineering allows him to provide a deeper understanding of your boat's inner workings. He can explain complex issues in crystal clear and concise terms, helping you and even a real pro sailor make better informed decisions.

Unlike naval architects who focus on the design and play a vital role in getting a project started, Greg uses real-world experience to create "as-built" drawings to the 4th aproximation. Thats 10x better and less time than concept plans. 1 hr of great engineering can save 5 to 8x times in production hours.

His detailed plans can be made for any boat, not just new. They provide a precise picture of your boat's current state, ensuring repairs are targeted and effective. Get a schematic done for your boat for fun or an ABS inspection.

Choose Greg's expertise for the ultimate offshore peace of mind. With his in-depth knowledge and 25 years of hands-on fabricating, you can be confident your boat is in the safest hands out there in these harbors. We make friends with boaters, not other marine trades. We simply need the boat to need us and we got you, all by ourself. Nano system surgery.

No hidden costs or unexpected charges will be unvieled at the end of the job. Sure tons of little small but costly parts needed to do your electrical system correctly must be added to bill after the fact but the major stuff is labor and equipment and we have all the time you need to get into it upfront.

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We’ve helped clients with their boats near and far. With our commitment to the boat-first approach—it’s your boat’s turn to get a face-lift, Stent, heart transplant, new liver, cavity filled, an eye transplant, or hearing aids for boat. The doctor IS ON THE BOAT.


Masters of Our Craft

For years, we've serviced boats in Chula Vista Harbor, Mission Bay, marinas, boat yards, at homes, and even across the border in Mexico. This extensive experience ensures we can handle any job. Put us to the test – we’re confident you’ll be impressed!

We tackle the toughest boat problems others can't handle. We often take on projects after other repair services have failed. Our success speaks for itself—after we solve YOUR initial, complex issue, the boaters repair list often expands. Trust forms quickly using military integrity and dockside expertise. Don't be fooled by inexperienced competitors—trust us to get your boat back on the water using the best methods.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We know a reliable boat is crucial, no matter the conditions. Whether you're anchored, caught in a storm, or embarking on a long voyage, our priority is getting you back on the water with complete confidence. We won't rest until your boat is fixed right and you're completely satisfied.

Committed To Quality Since 1976 BOOT CAMP TRAINING

Since 1976, we've provided exceptional boat, yacht, navy or small boat care with beautiful results. GREG speaks the language of your boat, whether it's a navy vessel, a cruiser, or a fishing boat. We translate complex boat systems into clear and understandable terms, empowering even a novice boaters to learn the right way.

Our passion is preventing boating problems. Did you know 90% of boating disasters could have been avoided with better planning? Let's work together to ensure smooth sailing through careful planning and meticulous care.

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