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Photo Right: Arrit McPherson owner of Gregs latest construction project.

" Greg knew more than Architects and exactly what the inspectors wanted before he started." Arrit McPherson Jan. 2011

Arrit McPherson Treasure Seeker Charter Vessel Developer 

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Designed 100% of electrical systems for these 
NEW YACHT Construction Projects
Newmar 88' Designed all sytems electrical and electronics
Mil-So-Mar   Electrical engineering for Ari
Sea Mist 72' Sport fisher pilot house and engine room build
Jalapeno 70 Sport fisher engines, systems, pilot house tronics  panels
Hallelujah for Frank Trane all electrical and controls and helms
LaMer City of LA ABS inspected. Drawings, engineering and switchboard
Dulcenia 90' Johnson tractor, all engines, gens, electrics, systems, tronix
Katherine 92' complete design engineering fab and design entire vessel
Croupier 72' Gas turbine circus circus 70 knot 7000 HP all electrical
Innovators 30' trailer-able Cabo boats, designed everything but hull
Treasure Seeker 59.5' Fifty passenger vessel for hire CGI'ed 

Dockside repaired or refitted over 22,000 work orders since starting in 1976 as USN enlisted ET, from navy boats to little boats, all of you need to float and electricity floats your boat so dont mess around.  

Check this list of clients out. All these great people owned or managed serious yachts that needed serious restoral and demanded performance.

Howard Leight  Bobby Unser Rob Sterling  Julie Andrews   Wally Schirra John Wayne  Jerry Lewis Ken Schillings  Fred Dowery  Arrit Mcpherson  Joan Kroc  Dave Clapp  Dennis Conners Rodney Neuhber  Wayne C Jones  Bill Roberts Todd Roberts Hugo Carver  John Malo Dick Spite

and thousands more boat owners who were : 
fishermen, doctors, lawyers, investors, insurance owners, new car dealers, inventors, patent holders, HP execs, High tech silicone guys, writers, trust funders, stock brokers, real estate developers, manufacturers, actors, pro athletes, singers, comedians, contractors, judges, marina managers, project managers, boat builders to numerous to list, coast guard inspectors, pro commercial fishermen, hotel owners, mexican oil tycooons, venezulain coffeers, caribbean ferry owners, Catalina city council, All real smart people who demand and expect perfection everytime.