Marine electrical electronics
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Solutions for Small Boaters, Commercial Fishermen and Larger Yacht Owners

Greg Moore offers a wide range of hands -on professional marine services, from design to implementation, maintenance and support while dockside or at sea. Commercial Charter and Fishing boat schedules welcome. I offer design services for coast guard inspections and yacht design. Contact Greg for a free consultation onboard your vessel. 

When you use Gregs services you also get:
Over 34,000 at sea miles 
How to buy gear far cheaper than retail.
Show you how to use gear.
Support you over the phone.
Help you instill order and discipline into your safety at sea program.
Coast guard certifications, ABS, Just for fun or serious cruising. Make it right.
Electrical and electronics best in the country.
Boat building, pretty good for projects under 70 ft.
Communications, satellite and computer networking, Ham and SSB texting .
Bridge, Arch, Engine room and systems designer
Plumbing, alarms, fresh water, desalination, and bait plumbing
Generator overhaul and replacement.
Modernize engine controls and steering
Automation, video, sensing, analog signals into computers, engine controls.
ACAD Drawings with design to 1000th of inch tolerances.
Dockside or at my 2 acre Chula Vista Boatyard, my work is the very best for offshore use. 
See San Diego Boat Repair slide show: I do this website myself, its not as good as the work I do on your boat. With the lowest overhead your value goes up. Find out why or how I can do in 8 hrs what takes most a week. Minds are blown everyday when I come in last to be the hero. Go ahead, try the rest. I dare you. Tried hiring them all to help, 99% so called electricians out there won't come knowing basic Ohms law.

Some of my biggest projects were subbing for yards or builders and it's not really fair I use those pictures as references or my pages would be full of well known boats. Boat yard owners were smart enough to use me, now you can too. Talent direct to you. 

I helped as the engineer for John Knight at Knight and Carver to build the 72' Jalepeno, 70' Sea Mist, 88' Newmar, 92' Katherine, 90' Dulcenia, Jim Jink's Innovators 31', the city of La' Mer LA water quality monitoring ABS inspected vessel all be the age of 30 years old. 

Thousands of years of sea experience went into those smart custom builds. I and the workers did all the work, John Knight made all the money. Fast forward 35,000+ dockside service calls and owning my 2 acre own boat yard and you can get an idea of what true hands on boat knowledge is. 
Whats the main difference?
Former Regional Director of the National Marine Electronics association worked on the current NMEA 2000 engine and electronic Ican buss and SAE j- 1939 buss language standard which big engines run today in digital control packages. Met marine businesses and listened to their engineers and technicians from around the world. I do well repairing your diesels mechanical and controls. Autosteering and hydraulic steering expert.

Contributing Member to the American Boat and Yacht Councils Boat Building standards committee in 1988 when standards were developing and worked as John Knight & Hugo Carvers engineer building custom sportfishers like Jalepeno, Mil So Mar and many more names that left the area like Katherine, Newmar, the list goes on and on. 

Wires and sparks 
I am or have been Ham and 1st class FCC tech licensed with radar endorsements (inactive, don't need them much anymore but its the highest toughest license you can get from the FEDS as a technician and the test is super tough. After 3 years navy tech schools and 5 years college and I passed the test that's all I'm saying. It's not a PE but you don't need a PE in maritime. P.E.s cant do hands on and I can do all a P.E. designs and services legally in maritime with drawings you can truly fabricate from. Additionally don't confuse the word Licensed. Vessels are personal property and someone's LAND contractors license does not mean they can do marine, it's not even closely related. Marine, you have to be master level of all trades not just master of one and this my life's work for over 42 years now, practicing engineering and a life working at sea. 
Coast guard and flagging 
I do plans already approved by coast guard part 86 sub chapter T and Amercian Bureau of shipping ABS, lets get yours done today?

 40 yrs mobile San Diego boat repair on the docks. Most my mentors are retired now, use me before I die too. Let's get your problems solved now.